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We the people of Nevada have had enough of politically repressive and unconstitutional behavior coming from the State Governor’s Office!

We NEED Your Support to Recall Governor Steve Sisolak from The Office
and prevent him and his staff from impeding on our Constitutional Rights and ruining our Beautiful State of Nevada!

Lawsuit Against Sisolak!

What strikes me the most about this lawsuit is how many alleged violations of the US Constitution, the NV Constitution, and Nevada State Law Sisolak violated and continues to violate. This suit is 52 pages and has 9 causes of action. The last 3 pages summarize each of the alleged issues. Joey Gilbert and Sigal Chattah did a great job putting this class action suit together!

Click here to view the lawsuit document!

What’s Going On:

Let’s just pay NO attention

Let’s pay NO attention to a 99.6% SURVIVAL RATE.

Let’s pay NO attention to the fact that the odds are that those who are severely compromised or over 80 probably aren’t hanging out in the bars.

And let’s pay NO attention to the fact that the virus probably doesn’t live very long in 110 degrees.

Let’s just shut down businesses at random, destroying everything that the business owners worked so hard to build.


Sisolak and the movement to DESTROY AMERICA!

What follows is the Agenda that the Dem/Socialist Governors are using to destroy their states in the hope that the can destroy our Country. This is the real reason that Sisolak MUST BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE IMMEDIATELY!

The First Goal on the blacklivesmatter.com website is the same “Sustainable Transformation” that you find on the United Nations New World Order website, UNNWO.org
funded by the Deep State, with Soros at the helm.

Their second stated goal is the following:
See the demands. Sign the petition. #DefundThePolice
The UNNWO.org website has the following information it’s home page:

UN Sustainable Development Goals
17 Goals to transform our world
The Sustainable Development Goals are a call for action by all countries — poor, rich and middle-income — to promote prosperity while protecting the planet.

They’re asking for 10% OF THE ENTIRE WORLD’S INCOME so they can change the world to HAPPYTALISM instead of CAPITALISM!!!
And this is the first thing you see when you go to antifa.com:
How do I join Antifa? #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd and #NoJusticeNoPeace – We are mobilizing to help support Comrades affected by the current crisis against them. Take Action to assist Comrades with Equal Opportunities & Financial Assistance. Protect Your Rights & Continue to Fight Fascism. We are actively increasing Membership & providing Opportunity Updates online.
There is NO QUESTION that what we have been saying for years now is NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY, but rather, it is a CONSPIRACY BY THE DEEP STATE TO DESTROY AMERICA, and right now they are coming at us using BLM and Antifa as their tools. As you can see on the Antifa site, THEY ARE BEING PAID, and they ARE organized. They have scouts who go out and assess, then they have those that use the spray paint to vandalize with graffiti, those who have malatov cocktails, those who have bricks, those who are medics, those who set up water and food, lawyers waiting to bail them out, and funds behind them to do so. At last count they had $20 MILLION in BAIL MONEY set aside, and contributions have come from Biden’s Campaign, many of the dems, and many from Hollywood, all working together with the 1 common goal of DESTROYING AMERICA because all of their crimes have been uncovered and they KNOW this is the 11th hour for them!


There are 24 States that have Dem Governors, and as you can see, THESE are the states that are BURNING, THESE are the states with the majority of Covid deaths, and THESE are the states with the prolonged shutdowns. Do you see the rioters dying of the virus? Wouldn’t they ALL be sick by now? Why are so many people congregating in close proximity, not wearing masks, in a high-risk group, AND NOT SICK. For that matter, why aren’t the homeless all dead by now? Yet, you can’t go into a Church or a bar, and group size is limited to 50 or less is some of these states, but 1,000 protesters can stand 1 foot apart and they’re not sick!


Governor Sisolak Wants to Take Away Your Guns

It’s been abundantly clear from the beginning of his term as governor of Nevada that Sisolak has been nothing but a thorn in the heel of upstanding, patriotic citizens in Nevada. His tyrannical rule over the state threatens the God-given rights of the people he wants to see suffer needlessly. The most egregious of his pre-Chinese Virus actions was the signing of a bill that affects the divine right to bear arms.

The Second Amendment’s Promises

The exact text of the second amendment is as follows: “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” While the text was written in a time when the only firearms available had a firing rate of maybe one or two shots per minute, the letter of the law does not specify any sort of restrictions on the arms that we, the righteous American race, are allowed to bear.

According to this law, and pursuant to the 2008 case District of Columbia v. Heller, the Second Amendment protects an individual’s rights to own a firearm even when unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for what was termed “traditionally lawful” purposes like self-defense. Since the amendment creates an individual Constitutional right for each American, that means that individual legislative bodies are supposed to be prevented from prohibiting possession of literally any weapon we could want, so long as the purpose for the possession thereof is lawful in nature.

So, why does the fraud Sisolak want to take away your guns?

Sisolak’s Unpatriotic Reasoning

The only way to prevent mass shootings is to arm the citizens. Granted, this would not have helped at all during the October 1 shooting in Las Vegas, when some wackjob had a bunch of guns up in a hotel room and shot up the Route 91 Music Festival, or indeed most of the other mass shootings that happened in America, but the fact remains that if someone comes into a room with a gun and everyone else in the room also has guns, there will likely be much less of a confrontation.

Sisolak signed a bill into state law that followed the federal law of outlawing innocuous firearm add-ons like bump stocks and also any firearm that’s been modified to have an automatic firing capability. The law he signed is basically trying to outlaw people from having guns that can fire too quickly, but what’s the point of this aside from trying to garner political clout?

Sisolak’s virtue signaling is stark. “A mass shooting happened, so we need to make sure that law-abiding patriots can’t have the guns that the Constitution promises them. See how progressive I am in my legislation?” If someone with a gun wants to do harm to a group of people, then they are going to do it, regardless of whether it’s been modified to fire at an automatic rate or not. Nothing’s going to stop someone from getting a weapon illegally and doing illegal actions with it if that’s what they want to do.

So What Do We Do?

The solution should not be more gun control! If we let Sisolak’s virtue-signaling soft-belly Democratic sentiments continue to sign into effect laws like this one, then he’s going to try to take away the right to bear arms. The government cannot under any circumstance be the only entity with weaponry, because then we’re right back to where we started with the redcoats.

Recall Sisolak from his governmental position. We need to organize and take this matter to the state capitol, and demand that Sisolak step down from his ill-gotten post and let someone with real American values lead this great state! I’m Rob Raskin, and I have a social media platform that’s for patriots ONLY. Join me and others at proamericaonly.org and help recall this sham of a governor!